Every school is different. Each has it’s own, unique personality.
My role is to recognize and illustrate this uniqueness through
engaging photography.
There are naturally many aspects to cover, but in my view the

most important is to show children who are happy and inspired
in their school environment.
I believe this is most successfully achieved through ‘real’
photographs - photographs that look and feel natural, rather
than overly contrived or posed.
Time constraints and limitations in the school timetable inevitably

mean that some shots need to be set-up. However, it’s

still possible to find a natural look, by adopting a fluid style of
photography and creating a relaxed shooting environment.
I’ve produced a detailed brochure describing how to prepare for
a photographer’s visit and in particular, how much time to allocate

for each scenario. Let me know if you'd like to receive a copy.

Martyn Poynor

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